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Lash Maximizing Cream

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Lash maximizing cream - 15ml

This Lash maximizing cream can be applied at the end of the lash treatment and it will strengthen as well as nourish the lashes with vegetable proteins such as wheat protein which does the mirror effect of collagen and keratin, vitamins and argan oil.

The main ingredients of this cream is peptides which combination with our blend of nutrients and minerals, will benefit your lashes by reducing breakage and promoting overall growth.


-Cruelty free

-Paraben free

-Ammonia free


Q. Can I use this cream with any brand?

You can expect the best result when this botox cream is used with our BOO products line, however, any brand that is keratin based will still work. Please check if the brand that you currently use is based on keratin or not before purchasing for the best results.

Q. How many treatment can I perform with the cream?

The cream is 15ml which means, it can be used up to for 150 treatments.