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Glue-Free Ascent Shields

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Glue-Free Ascent Shields

Sizes: 1,2 and 3 (1 being the smallest and thinnest, 3 being the biggest and thickest.)

Introducing our innovative lash lifting shields! 

Discover the future of lash lifting with Ascent Shields. Crafted by BOO Company- we've dedicated over 18 months to perfecting our design, ensuring every lash lift is a masterpiece. Our vision and ingenuity have been trademarked, setting us apart as industry leaders.

Have you ever thought, 'it would be so nice to have wider tips than the bottom so that the lashes don’t come out ‘curling-towards eyelids’ which look like over curled lashes?'.

Our Ascent Shields feature wider tips, a brilliant innovation that prevents over-curling results (lashes curling towards the eyelids). 

These shields are the go-to choice for lash artists using pure-care techniques or working on clients with deeper eye shape. Achieve stunning results with every lift. These shields ensure that there will be enough room between the lashes and the eyelids when the lashes are lifted without touching the eyelids.